Metal swarf hydraulic briquetting presses


Metal swarf hydraulic briquetting presses

The METALBRIK series of hydraulic briquetting presses are industrial machines designed to operate in automatic mode. Developed to compact and to make maximum use of metal scraps such as cast iron, aluminium, copper, steel, brass, zinc, bronze, titanium and magnesium, they are also suitable for treating a variety of other machining scraps. 
The high pressure reached in the compression chamber makes it possible creating high density briquettes. The METALBRIK series presses, besides drastically reducing the volume of the machining scraps, remove cutting fluids and create briquettes that, in most cases, can be placed directly in smelting furnaces. This results in substantial economic benefits for companies that generate the swarf, companies that recycle  metal scraps, and for foundries that process the scraps.  As an added value, there are a large number of environmental benefits resulting from the briquetting process.

  • Features and benefits series METALBRIK

    The (hydraulic briquetting presses) METALBRIK Series press is made of a hydraulic control unit and a compression unit; the two units are mounted on the same base in compliance with current CE and ISO standards. The hourly output changes from metal to metal and it is affected by the density of the swarf.  The output indicated in this section are specifically related to cast iron. 

    Features and benefits series METALBRIK
    • drastic reduction of the volume of swarf, much better than bailing
    • substantial increase of the value of swarf;
    • the briquettes can be sent directly to the  smelter
    • savings on handling and transportation costs
    • almost complete recovery of the cutting fluids
    • highly automated cycle
    • enhanced level of cleanliness and reduced environmental impact


METALBRIK Series   HB 220/70 HB 260/100 HB 380/100
Production Capacity* kg/h 100-600 200-800 400-2000
Diameter mm 70 100 100
Weight kg 5000 6000 7000
* The production capacity depends on the metal swarf. The capacities listed above are indicative.

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