Every industry, product or application has their own challenges that require their own specific and tailormade processing solution. With a customer centric approach, Di Più Systems has a solution for every situation.

Di Più Systems offers a variety of technologies and solutions that fit every processing application. They all share one important characteristic: outstanding quality for an extra-long life. Add simple operation, and Di Più Systems equipment is the perfect solution for every processing industry.

Mechanical and hydraulic briquetting presses

Why Di Più Systems

  • Quality and  strength

    Di Più Systems has always dedicated  great attention to the quality of its products, starting  with the design and the selection of materials, to the final assembly and testing.
  • Reliability and durability

    Di Più Systems briquetting presses are the result of a design and development aimed to guarantee the top reliability and resistance throughout their long life cycle.
  • Research and development

    The constant and ceaseless research and development of its briquetting presses led Di Più Systems to provide specific solutions for its customers’ requests.
  • Experience and tradition

    In more than 35 years of business, Di Più Systems briquetting presses processed a  very large variety of wood waste, biomasses, industrial waste, metal waste in various manufacturing environments, acquiring a deep and unique experience in the briquetting industry.