Mechanical briquetting presses


Mechanical briquetting presses

Mechanical briquetting presses, thanks to the high pressure generated in the compression chamber (about 2000-2500 kg/cm²),  produce a high-quality briquette, and they are designed and manufactured to be reliable and long-lasting. The superior ratio between hourly output per kWh and the low operating costs of the mechanical briquetting machines are particularly advantageous compared with other technologies available on the market.

The Di Più Systems BRIK series mechanical briquetting presses are machines  designed to meet the requirements of customers  that need to compact large quantities of  waste or fibre and  look for a strong, efficient, high-performance machine  built to last and  designed to work around the clock without problems. These machines have been perfected over thirty years of experience and include advanced technical and dependable solutions that are unique to Di Più Systems.

  • Features and benefits series BRIK

    The BRIK series mechanical briquetting press develops a compression force of approximately 2000 kg/cm² bar to obtain a high quality briquette of a high density and a remarkably reduced volume, without the addition of binders.

    Features and benefits series BRIK
    • high reliability and long operational lifetime
    • extremely low maintenance and operating costs
    • high structural strength
    • high compression pressure
    • flexibility to produce round, round with the hole, or square shape briquettes
    • easy integration into an existing production line
    • significant volume reduction ratio
    • reduction of handling and transportation costs 


BRIK Series   MB50 MB60 MB70 MB80 MB90 MB100 MB110 MB120
Production Capacity* kg/h 180/300 400/600 600/800 700/1300 1100/1800 1300/2300 1400/2500 1600/3000
Diameter mm 50 60 65-70 75-80 85-90 90-95-100 110 120
Weight kg 2200 2800 3900 4800 5200 7800 8200 8600
* The production capacity depends on the density of the dust. The capacities listed above are indicative.

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