Metal sludge hydraulic briquetting presses


Metal sludge hydraulic briquetting presses

The hydraulic briquetting presses of the SLUDGEBRIK series have been developed by combining all the experience acquired by Di Più Systems in more than 35 years of  activity in the  industry.

Intensive R&D  by a team of experts have led to the design and - production of a hydraulic briquetting machine with superior performance levels, capable of recovering almost all the  coolant (oil or emulsion) contained in the sludge and inevitably drawn from machining operations such as grinding.

In addition to this, the resulting briquettes or pucks are made of metal, with only traces of the coolant left in it, and are solid.  The pucks can be handled, easily transported, and ready for recycling in a smelter.   The recovered coolant and metal turn an inconvenient sludge into profits.

A combination of advanced mechanical design, hydraulic controls that can calibrate the performance of the cycle, and software make the briquetting presses SLUDGEBRIK series a unique proposition to the machining industry. 

  • Features and benefits series SLUDGEBRIK

    The (hydraulic briquetting presses) SLUDGEBRIK Series press is made of a hydraulic control unit and a compression unit; the two units are mounted on the same base in compliance with current CE and ISO standards. The two main cylinders compress the metal sludge inside a compression chamber specially designed to let the cooling lubricant out. The hourly output  changes with the type of metal contained in the sludge.

    Features and benefits series SLUDGEBRIK
    • almost complete recovery of the liquid coolant present in the sludge
    • very substantial increase of the value of the waste
    • the briquettes or pucks can be sent directly to smelting furnaces
    • savings  in handling and transport costs
    • drastic reduction of the volume of the waste
    • fully automated cycle
    • great reduction of the environmental impact
    • enhanced level of cleanliness


SLUDGEBRIK Series   HB-2 180/50 HB-2 180/60 HB-2 200/70 HB-2 200/80
Production Capacity* kg/h  20-40  30-50 30-70  40-80
Diameter mm 50 60 70 80
Weight kg 3800 3800 4000 4000
* The production capacity depends on the metal sludge. The capacities listed above are indicative.

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