The hydraulic briquetting presses of the OLEOBRIK HB series are machines suitable for use in  small  operations where the amount of waste is  less than 180 kg/h and/or on a non-continuous basis.  These presses make briquettes  of a lower density compared to those obtained with mechanical presses from the BRIK series or hydraulic presses in the METALBRIK series.  While being built with an eye on the quality of the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components, they don’t represent the right solution if the customer needs to work for more than 6-8 hours per day with quantities over  180 kg/h.  Nevertheless, these presses are designed and manufactured with quality and reliability in mind, include electrical, and hydraulic components of the best brands. 

Our organization will be pleased to  answer any technical and commercial request and to illustrate the engineering features and the specific application of these hydraulic briquetting presses. 

Product range

The OLEOBRIK hydraulic briquetting press  is ideal to compact small amounts of sawdust, cork dust and bark, polystyrene, polypropylene, polyurethane, rubber, plastic, yarn dust or bunches of synthetic or mixed textile fibres, waste from leather shavings, paper, coffee  chaff and grinds,  and a large variety of other waste products. The material being fed to the machine shall be refined, with size between 1 and 12 mm, and it moisture content shall be between 8% and 12%. A PLC controls the cycling of the machine, optimizes it, and warrants a higher efficiency and reliability.