Why Di Più Systems

  • Quality and  strength: Di Più has always dedicated  great attention to the quality of its products, starting  with the design and the selection of materials, to the final assembly and testing.
  • Reliability and durability: Di Più's briquetting presses are the result of a design and development aimed to guarantee the top reliability and resistance throughout their long life cycle.  
  • Research and development: the constant and ceaseless research and development of its briquetting presses led Di Più to provide specific solutions for its customers' requests.
  • Customer service: our attention to the customer is complete, either in helping the customer select the right equipment, or engineering a solution, or providing after sale service for a long satisfactory use of Di Più presses.
  • Experience and tradition: in more than 35 years of business, Di Più briquetting presses processed a  very large variety of wood waste, biomasses, industrial waste, metal waste in various manufacturing environments, acquiring a deep and unique experience in the briquetting industry.