Why Briquetting

  • New (alternative) energy  sources: once turned into briquettes with Di Più Systems's briquetting presses, organic materials such as  wood waste and  many other biomasses become a valuable source of energy, for household use, commercial,  and industrial applications. Thanks to their high density and low  moisture content, the briquettes provide a much higher heat density compared to the original material, very low combustion residue, as well as a balanced outflow of CO2.
  • Volume reduction: the considerable pressure exerted in the compression chamber by Di Più Systems's briquetting presses allow an important volume reduction, up to 30 times of the initial volume.
  • Lower storage and transport costs: the considerable volume reduction, obtained by using Di Più Systems's briquetting presses, positively affects all the costs related to the storage, transport, or disposal of the  processed (or densified) material.
  • Efficient (Profitable) recycling: the briquetting process  of Di Più Systems's briquetting presses favours and improves the recycling of the waste material.   Particularly when briquetting metal scraps, the briquettes can be  sent directly  to smelting furnaces and treated as  solid metal waste. 
  • Recovery of coolant: cutting fluids and oils used during machining processes can be recovered after using Di Più Systems's briquetting presses. Even the most difficult material to treat, such as sludge resulting from grinding processes, can be briquetted by Di Più’s presses.